I am a senior data scientist with 15 years experience all over Europe in academia and industry. While I have a background in medical image anlaysis, I have analysed and tortured all kinds of data: from keystroke dynamics to 4D MRI sequences of the lungs, including retinal images and videos, bitcoin price time series, thoracic CTs, images of documents, mouse movements, demographic data, MotoGP results, LIDAR cloud points, infrared videos, etc.

I am now working as a Senior Research Scientist at Daon, as part of a team of researchers who use the latest data science and machine learning tools to figure out what makes you unique in order to develop novel biometric authentication methods that are already making authentication more secure and convenient.

Passionate about creativity, science outreach, sailing, visualisations, Oxford commas, and data. I am always looking for projects where I can fuse these interests.

LinkedIn (work) | motogpdata.com (fun) | Instragram (creativity and sailing) | Scholar (research)